Aug 01 2019


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Free and open to the public

Low-Tech Innovations (Done at a Leisurely Pace) #2

FLIGHT GALLERY is proud to present the first San Antonio show of new Wheeler Brother’s work since their break-out show at Sala Diaz fifteen years ago. This exhibit will feature both individual works and collaborations that exemplify the familiar force of Jeff Wheeler’s collage-drawings on paper and Bryan’s large-scale panel paintings. The collaborations embody on-going imagistic dialogues that plunge into negative feedback loops, ultimately resolving in a dynamic equilibrium.

Bryan Wheeler is an artist, musician, and professor living and working in Lubbock. His work is known for it’s one-of-a-kind take on late-capitalist, homogenized built environments as stages for historical encounters in which the whole of modernity continually loops in cycles of creation and destruction. Bryan Wheeler is fresh off an exhibit of new monumental paintings based on Ed Dorn’s “anti-epic,” comic-Western poem, Gunslinger. He will be presenting a sampling of the work from this exhibition.

Jeff Wheeler is an artist, curator, and recovering professor working within several concurrent styles and media. He is an “artist’s artist” who spends almost every waking hour making art, giving equal and often simultaneous weight to experimentation and observation. Jeff is fresh off a year-long residency in Croatia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. He will be presenting some of the work he made there which focuses on the amazing beauty and history that surrounded his studio on the sea. In addition, Jeff will be showing some of the work he has made since moving to San Antonio in April, and, in the Salon Room, he will curate a special gathering of small collectible drawings and curiosities made by him, his friend and collaborator, Daniel Johnston, and special guests.

The artists will be in attendance both nights. Come meet the artists, see the work, and hear some live music by Bryan. Fun will be had. You should be there. EVERYBODY’S DOIN’ IT!

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