Reclaiming Representation: Robyn Wheelock

Unfiltered San Antonio is thrilled to partner with the new podcast Reclaiming Representation, hosted by Carina Hiscock. Reclaiming Representation was created to share the perspectives and experiences of artists who challenge the status quo. Ultimately, it creates an opportunity for underrepresented artists to claim their Representation and give examples of how artists are paving the way to create social change.

Episodes are released bi-weekly and are available on Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. How did this all begin? How did Unfiltered get involved? Well, a few months ago, Carina reached out to Unfiltered as she was processing what it means to make art during our current socio-political climate. The initial conversation led to more discussion about how we all process the feelings we were experiencing during a very emotionally packed year. After getting to know each other and wanting to collaborate, Carina looped us in on an idea she had for a podcast. After that, Reclaiming Representation came to life. 

Unfiltered will be writing a recap on the episodes and featured artists. Our features will include our favorite parts of the conversation and links to follow for more. We are so excited you’re here to learn more about underrepresented and emerging voices. The first episode features podcaster and creative Robyn Wheelock (she/her). Robyn hosts The Peak podcast, a talk show about sex and intimacy in the era of #metoo. 

The Peak Podcast

The Peak Podcast is inspired by another digital activist movement — the #metoo movement. Robyn explains how amazing it was to see this movement impact the conviction of Harvey Weinstein and others. She was also amazed by the public frankness and openness surrounding the discussion of sexual traumas. She wanted to contribute to this open, honest movement by creating a platform for people to discuss what sex looks like when it goes well. “The consent is there; the pleasure is there; it’s good sex.” 

The five main topics of the Peak podcast include

 – sexual identity and personality

– their first sexual or early sexual experiences

– the best sex the podcast guests have had

– what makes good sex good, and 

– what the guests have learned from and about sex since they’ve started having it. 

Robyn has interviewed various people, including sex educators, sex therapists, sex workers, and others. 

Being an Artist

Robyn has always been visually expressive and considered herself an artist until college and then again more recently. Like many creatives, Robyn struggled with the idea of claiming herself as an artist. It was through her experience putting together a play that she realized that “she’s an artist because she likes to make art…”. Robyn draws, paints, writes poems, weaves, and does pretty much whatever she enjoys doing. 

Where did you get to where you are today? 

“I felt a bit disconnected from my art for a while,” Robyn told Carina. The instability of being a full-time artist with many contract jobs was something she glamorized growing up. However, the reality of not being able to be financially secure caused much anxiety for Robyn. When COVID-19 arrived and San Antonio shut down, it was somewhat liberating because she suddenly had the time and space to create. She acknowledges the privilege that has allowed her to use quarantine as a creative respite. 

Dismantling capitalism: 

When it comes to dismantling capitalism, Robyn utilizes trade, among other things. “I’m always down for an art trade. I love trading art with people.” Robyn doesn’t want money to be a barrier for folks that want to collect her art. She wants folks to be able to have something in their home that brings joy; that’s why she prices her artwork on a sliding scale based on the size and what she understands the purchaser’s income to be. 

There’s so much more to learn about Robyn and her journey as an artist. Follow Peak podcast and Reclaiming Representation podcast for more! 

Listen to the full episode here.

Follow Robyn on Instagram: @manicpixiedream13itch 

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Support Robyn: commission weavings and paintings via Instagram. Get yourself some woven shoelaces! Support The Peak on Patreon.


Unfiltered San Antonio is passionate about making the San Antonio art scene more accessible. We’re committed to providing a platform for emerging, censored and underrepresented voices to share their story — authentically and unfiltered.

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