Triangle Collective: Dakini

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Art Matters | Blue Star Arts Complex

Original exhibition dates: March 6 – March 29, 2020

Dakini is the ancient Sanskrit word for female empowerment. Transcendent beings of energy capable of unlimited potential creation; dakinis personify the pinnacle of feminine spiritual power in this world and realms beyond. Each of the art works represents the artist’s interpretation of the Dakini manifesting in their subject matter.

About the Artists

Kwanzaa Edwards‘ work depicts the female figure in otherworldly realms. Her beautiful characters are placed unapologetically in their respective universes. Universes in which the constraints of logic do not exist therefore anything is possible. These women are painted on wood panels using washes of ink as to allow the wood grain to be seen through the paint, which adds a visual emphasis of strength. Born in Port Arthur, Texas, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 2014. She moved to San Antonio in 2016. Visit Kwanzaa’s instagram.

Maria J. Alvarado : “I am Maria. I am fascinated with going beyond the cultural, international, and social boundaries we have used to divide and conquer one another. I use my art as a window- an opening in my heart to love and understand myself. Exploring my own pain, anger, and insecurities from child abuse, racism, assault, and divorce, has fed my creativity, compassion, understanding, and need for healing myself.” Visit Maria’s instagram.

Kat Shevchenko is a artist / illustrator based in San Antonio, Texas. She studied illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA and painting at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her creative process is driven by inspiration from the natural world, dreams and life experiences which are interwoven into a personal mythos that manifests as surrealistic and cryptic imagery. Visit Kat’s instagram.

Drea Faörie is an illustrator born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Having discovered her love for story telling, she has dedicated her life to lore and world building, character creation, and tirelessly adapting and adopting new techniques to better suit her work. Visit Drea’s instagram.

Jagwired Art explores the creative consciousness through deities and otherworldly entities. She creates using a combination of meditative and stream of consciousness processes to create her work. Allowing the paint to create the piece. Jag uses her work as a narrative of the conscious and subconscious connections we have to the self and the multifaceted realms we exist within our psyche. Visit Jagwired’s instagram.

Sculptor, Frances Moeller, revels in exploring the interconnection between being human and being a part of nature. By shining a light on this simple yet deep connection we all have to nature, she hopes the viewer will reflect and become more conscientious towards our environment. Working with this medium has a direct correlation to what she is trying to convey within her pieces.

About the Triangle Collective


A collective of multidisciplinary artists based in Texas that embody the power of the Divine Feminine.


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