Juan Eduardo Flores

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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist from San Antonio, Texas exploring primarily interest and curiosity in the symbiotic relationship between art and technology. I work with video, sound, physical computing, hacked electronics, repurposed gadgets, generative art, and anything else that is in front of me. With a recent passion for promoting sustainability and using economically friendly materials, I hope to show by example to young lower-income artists that new media art does not require fancy equipment and a large budget. I also hope to contribute to the conversation of DIY culture by pretending to be a cyborg in a post-apocalyptic world. Scavenging for material and improvisation are my two main strategies for coming up with work.

I explore various topics ranging from personal to political, usually relating to in-between spaces and post-humanism.




#Processing, #creativecoding, #glitchart, #livecoding, #text, #animation

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