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Galileo Gonzalez is a visual artist born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles and currently resides in San Antonio. He has earned his BFA in Drawing & Painting from California State University, Long Beach.

Much of his work deals with personal struggles, upbringing, and his Salvadorian heritage. His current work focuses on visually interpreting oral stories from the Salvadorian Civil War, as well as the diaspora that followed through generations.

He has exhibited at the PÄS Gallery, AVD Gallery, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Fathom Space, and the Museum of Latin American Art. His work is featured in the Cerritos College permanent art collection, as well as the Enrique Serrato collection.


As a Salvadoran-American growing up in Southern California, I spent my life surrounded by violence. Gangs and graffiti were part of the environment, and killings were a normal part of life living in my neighborhood. My family, who left El Salvador to escape the atrocities of the Salvadoran Civil War, never talked about our history. All this, as well as facing discrimination from Mexican-Americans, made me question where I belonged in life. As I got older, I started to question the violence that surrounded me and started learning about what it is to be Salvadoran, and how these two different ideas are intertwined with one another.


Mixed Media, Pen, Pencil, Paper, and Gouache


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Author: Deliasofia Zacarias

Deliasofia Zacarias is one of the Unfiltered San Antonio co-founders. Double-majored in business and studio art, Zacarias is interested in art politics, food, and a whole lot of Netflix. She is currently LACMA's Emerging Art Professional Fellow in Los Angeles, CA.

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