Aug 17 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Free and open to the public

Your Slippery Body: from between my fingers

Your Slippery Body: from between my fingers

Solo Exhibition from artist Ghislaine Fremaux

The portrayal of naked bodies is a deeply fraught enterprise. In the Western tradition of “the nude”, the artist implements a clinical gaze but extracts erotic profit, and re-presents the body as an object for facile consumption. Moreover, the bounded, static 2D plane is an inhospitable place for bodies, which consist in change, depth, and action.

In this work, I undertake a seeing of bodies that is ethical and visceral at once. My process prioritizes consent and agency; I do not use people’s bodies as instruments of allegory or ideology. I am concerned with the beholding, fathoming, and loving of the body, which I experience as enigmatic and irreducible. I testify to this encounter in huge, intensely physical drawings, submerged in glossy resin.

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