Mar 11 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Writing for Heroic Power: Homer, Dante & Virgil in Light of Modern Realities with Charles Massiatte

Can the careful study of the classics relate to our times of social unrest and global uncertainty? Can reading passages by Homer, Dante and Virgil help us reframe how we perceive ourselves and our realities? Join Gemini Ink Board president Charles Massiatte on a contemporary exploration of Greek epics that will fuel the reader and writer in you. Dip back into the classics to re-envision our contemporary moment and discover templates for writing your own narratives, even epic ones, in new ways. You will learn a deeper appreciation for certain key Greek terms, such as Hubris and Diké, and gain wider perspective on the challenges of our times through discussion inspired by these classic texts and the heroes and heroines at the core of them. Writings generated by students will be presented and celebrated at the conclusion of the class. No need to be knowledgeable in the classics to join!

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