Jan 28 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Free and open to the public

Women of Color in the Arts – WOCA

Indigenous, Mexican, and Black people have created the unique tapestry of our nation’s seventh largest city. Join us to celebrate and learn from the communities of womyn who continue the tradition of weaving the threads of arts and activism into the cultural fabric of San Antonio.

Women of Color in the Arts – WOCA is in the business of holding space for womyn of color and that’s why we’re traveling to San Antonio (and across the country) with a purposeful vision of creating circles of fellowship for womyn arts leaders of color. These intentional community gathering serves to connect cultural workers and ignite dialogue around how womyn of color can collectively work to support one another.

Grounded in community, this gathering will be held at the Carver Community Cultural Center, a historic space originally erected in 1918 as a community center for African Americans and now also serves to spotlight the heritage of Africans in the Diaspora, as well, as the diverse cultures from around the world. WOCA will listen to learn about the collective work already happening in San Antonio, investigate how we can be of service to existing and evolving communities, and talk about our current and upcoming initiatives in service to womyn of color.

This community gathering is being hosted by WOCA member Cassandra Parker-Nowicki, Executive Director, of the Carver Community Cultural Center.

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