Jan 05 2019


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Volver: Closing Reception

In her work Edicta Pineda investigates memory. In the making of her work, she hopes to keep alive memories from her past in Venezuela. The colors of her city, the ancestral textures and fabrics of her Wayuu lineage, the harmony of her language, the aromas and flavors of her home, and the deep faith and devotion to Mariana and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Along with memories and experiences, Pineda inherited many things from the women in her family. Visual and emotional tendencies that shine through her work. A love of color and of collecting small treasures from her grandmothers, the skill to weave and create from her mother, the contemplation of beauty in the everyday from her aunts, and the joy of finding passion in anything that you love from her sister.

The heart has been a powerful image that runs throughout Pineda’s creative practice, it is one that supports and enlivens her. She builds on this rich and complex icon using material and performative approaches. Plastics, yarn, jewelry, the materials of everyday are used to create rich and seductive textures. Her history of travel and recent relocation to San Antonio is represented by legs added to this heart. Her heart, full of the love of her family and culture, marches; giving it a beat of love. The symbol that fills her life is one essential to her existence.

VOLVER is the sweet and loving memory of where she cane from, where she is now and where she wants to be.

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