Feb 22 2020


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


$5 Admission

The Catacomb Saints art exhibition

We are excited to announce another unique art gallery experience in the making… The Catacomb Saints! (San Antonio Tx) Featuring local and international artists!

February 22, 2020 The Parish , 6 PM – 11 PM
One day only! 18 and up.

Curated by artists:

Vidvad Scare (Grim manor Gallery, Scary stories to tell in the art, Children of the night Gallery, Mad monster Gallery, The Melancholy Death Show)

Markus Ferris (Children of the night Gallery)

Daniel Kranz (Grim Manor Gallery, Children of the night Gallery)

Creative administrative assistant: Vivian A. Friedel

18 and up

5$ admission

The Catacomb Saints were holy ancient (bodies) carefully exhumed from the catacombs of Rome and sent abroad to serve as relics of certain saints from the 16th century to the 19th century. They were typically lavishly decorated with gold and precious stones. Enthralled and captivated by this idea, my artist friends (fellow curators Daniel Kranz, Markus Ferris) and I have decided to take this beautiful concept and expand on it, to create a very unique gallery experience for all to enjoy. With this exhibit we revisit the Catacomb Saints, but with new interpretation by international artists. The Saints of this exhibition will encapsulate another dimensional realm, one unlike our own. Some Saints may appear to be dark in nature others light, and some may not even be human.
Death has not always been something easily accepted, and these are Issues that are suppressed, or intuitive and inexplicable due to their complexity, but have always been expressed through art, and this is still so.
With the presentation of Catacomb Saints, we hope to spark the existential question and curiosity of ones own existence or mortality, with the possibility that understanding death is merely a cycle of life that creates more beauty than it does sadness and fear of the unknown.

Music conducted by: Dj Rickbats

Artist list for Gallery: (artists and info will be updated periodically, subject to change)

1.Markus Ferris-
3.Amanda Lee-fb/instagram
4.Daniel Kranz-
5.Vidvad Scare-
6.Dingy Dave-
7.Strangely rose- Caitlin Rose-
8.Eric Millen-
9.Nil Cathy-
10.Annie Motel-
11.Jessi Hardesty-
12.Kyle Otto-
13.Anastasia Kalivas- Xeno.ana-
14.Blind dead relics- Adam-
15.Larkin Cypher-
16.Sadan Vague-
17.Shallowgrave studios- Jason Stievia-
18.Cesar lucero-
19.Detra Munster-
20.Paul Boswell-
21.Cruz Foster-
22.Katherine Lomax-
23.Samuel Araya-
24.Ely Bat-
25.KG ZYON EIX- MeatRoots –
26.Miguel Cantu-
27.Grayhouse studios- Michael Perry-
28.Carlos Hernandez-
29.Chad Savage-
30.Len Hernandez-
31.Brandan Styles/ Dr. B. Zurk-
32. Babs Webb-
33.Jenna SEC-
34.Edyn Rashae –
36.Jeremy Ciliberto-
38.Crystal Terror-
39.RZFX/riff_ghoul Creature Designs –
40.Bahrull Marta-
41. Ars Moriendi-
42.Luna Fay-
43.James C. Gallardo –
44. Brian Reedy –
45.Brandon LeJeune-
46.Brian Sheehan-
47.Evil Dave-
48.Jared Balog-
49.Emil Melmoth-
50.Lynette May-
51.David Jorquera-
52.Viceosa- Aubrey Brusset-
53.Chris Guarino-
54.Jesse Levitt-
55.Brian Henderson-
56.Lauren Raye Snow-
57.Zack Dunn-

Deadline for work is
Feb 17th
Up to two pieces can be submitted.
Work must be ready to hang or display.
Ornate or ornately framed.

I will provide you with the correct address to send in art submissions. 🙂

for inquiries or more info contact:

Keep checking back for more updates and info to the exhibit.
Thank you for your support!
-Vidvad Scare

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