Mar 02 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Free and open to the public



RAW PINK is a collection of works that focuses on the power of femme aesthetics – specifically those connected to trans female self-preservation and survival. As a maker, I am drawn to visual contradictions: the softness and hardness that is evident in feminine and masculine aesthetics and the effects that such visual information yields upon viewers when such opposites collide in a single space.

I call to formalistic cues that imbue soft, haven-like configurations while also using such elements to arrive at compositions that are, at times, foreboding and cacophonous. My aims are to create works that evoke intimacy and sensual memory through a trans female lens while touching on the complexities of my own experiences as a trans woman living in and reacting to contemporary culture.


Mica Lilith Smith is a visual artist and educator. Smith earned her MFA from the University of Cincinnati College of DAAP in 2012. Her work is comprised of fabric installations, paintings, works on paper, and video. Smith currently lives and works in Huntsville, TX.

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