Apr 10 2019


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Minerals: A show of a different nature

Cinnabar Gallery is pleased to present for the first time ever in San Antonio a solo exhibition of museum quality mineral specimens.

Minerals are the first form of art. Offered from the Earth and adorned by every culture on the planet ancient and modern, Greeks drank from Amethyst quartz vessels, Native Americans painted pictures of crystals and made relics with quartz and other minerals, Pharaohs were buried with treasures, malachite, lapis, and cinnabar were used to create pigments that painted ornaments and jewelry, and stories of gemstones and minerals line the libraries of the world.

Susan Oliver Heard, Graduate Gemologist (GIA Carlsbad, CA) and Dr. Rob Lavinsky have collaborated to bring a museum quality exhibition of minerals to San Antonio, TX for the first time.


7PM – Tour and Conversation

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