Jan 11 2020


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Free and open to the public


Dock Space Gallery is pleased to announce the 2nd Saturday Exhibit for January, MICROSCOPIC by Tracy Biediger. The exhibit explores the microscopic world through color and pointillism.
Spending time as a child in India and in Europe, without television or many American friends, Tracy’s early days were spent filling the time through drawing. She followed her mother’s lead as a painter and moved from drawing to painting and later to working in pastels. She began her formal training in environmental design which involved many hours in design labs.
Tracy returned to her creative pursuits after starting her family. She began to paint, again. Initially, her paintings were created for her church fundraising and retreat programs. As demands for her paintings grew, Tracy‘s involvement in her community group, her art was donated to even more organizations. Now with her own studio, Tracy paints daily.
Her travels as a child have given her global inspiration and deep appreciation for other cultures. Her awareness of other cultures and their histories have led her to experiment with different painting techniques. Influenced heavily by her time living in India and her love for Aboriginal art, her work brings together bold colors and different perspectives.
Opening reception for Microscopic will be held on 2nd Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 7-10PM at Dock Space Gallery Annex in the Lone Star Arts District located on 107 Lone Star Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78204. Gallery is open by appointment only, contact Bill FitzGibbons at 210-723-3048.

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