Oct 16 - 18 2020


9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Kathleen Hudson: Luminous Cloudscapes Workshop

A studio landscape workshop for artists working in oils. Each morning will feature a presentation, full demo, and exercises for students focusing on value & composition. Afternoons will be devoted to one-on-one instruction. Points of study will include:

Seeing as an artist: seeing shapes, value shifts, and color temperatures
Planning your painting: envisioning your painting, using varied reference material, honing value and design, doing color studies

Design: Cloud-heavy compositions allow for a lot of artistic license in design, so we’ll look at different types of directional movement that give a cloudscape dynamism.
Stages of studio painting: drawing, block-in, color mixing, approaches to working a larger painting, refining texture & edges, tools for self-critique

Experimentation: exercises you can do at home to continue your growth as an artist
One-on-one instruction will be individually tailored. Students are encouraged to email several cloudscape painting examples beforehand and list some specific things they would like to work on.

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