Feb 08 2019


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Free and open to the public

Jennifer Seo: Whither to Measure

Whither to Measure

On view February 8–March 2, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8th 7:00–10:00pm
Closing: Saturday, March 2, 12–3pm

Conscious attempts to preserve and exact a memory in effect deconstructs it, but remembering is a reconstructive process. Memories are not records. They are partial, plastic, and in that way fragile. Recalling a specific memory repeatedly begins to degrade and thin the experience while at the same time builds it into something new.

I have a tendency to “examine” a specific detail, when “practicing” a memory. Consequently, there is an oversight of the whole story.

I remember an intrigue felt as a child when I was handed a squid on a stick sold from a cart on the harbor somewhere (details of exactly when and where I do not know). Was it the salty taste? The wiry tips of the tentacles? The translucent flesh? Or the glittering light hitting the water in the background? It’s not a special memory, or was it, or do I want it to be a special memory, but something stuck. And, I practice remembering it, but the more I pick it apart it loses its form.

My works are visual parallels to this process. Focusing on this modification, each work is based on a select fragment of a memory, displaced from its context, and elaborated on. For instance, the squid and its proportions are re-examined by interpreting it into a foldable template that is superimposed on its image. The paper is cut into along the template in an attempt to reconstruct a likeness which falls short. While the tentacle rings, adorned with impermanent salt crystals often used as preservatives, are a tactile interpretation through a thing that invites touch. A ring is often worn to incite a memory or feeling tied to a loved one or specific time period. They almost serve as talismans for remembrance.

I want to explore where the line is between cherishing something that’s precious and coveting a sparkling thing?
Awe and interest
Attention anticipation
Distracted by detail
Meaning/structure is applied retrospectively
Deterioration of intent
Distortion of original
Accuracy becomes a hindrance

There is a difference in what is expected/intended to what is realized. How do we weigh what is lost to what is gained?

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