Nov 15 2019


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Graphis Exhibition: San Antonio

Coming into contact with great work only serves to help us grow as creatives. Join us for our first Graphis Exhibition in San Antonio. One of the tenets of our AIGA SA chapter is to elevate the craft of design. Please join us as, in line with this mission, we present the inaugural exhibition in San Antonio of award-winning work from the publication Graphis.
Graphis Magazine started in 1944 originally presenting fine artists, and then documenting the evolution of graphic design and advertising as we know it today, making it an invaluable resource of the history of our professions.
The publisher of Graphis, B. Martin Pedersen,  is an AIGA Medalist and believes in the importance of professional measuring sticks such as design competitions and annuals. “Awards provide a gauge,” he says. “They are also pats on the back. It is such a difficult industry to achieve good work in; anyone who has managed to deserves to be lauded.”
Seeing and experiencing award-winning work serves to push us as creatives and help us raise our own bar. In addition, we believe in underlining Graphis as an industry-standard platform for presenting great work, as well as introducing it to emerging creatives.
Like to learn more about Graphis? Click HERE.
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