Jul 05 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Free and open to the public

Fruition: SAY Sí’s Senior Thesis Exhibition

Fruition: SAY Sí’s Senior Thesis Exhibition
FREE and Open to the Public
SAY Sí, 1518 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78204
Opening Reception: Friday, July 5, 2019, 6 p.m.
Performance Encore & Media Arts Film Screening: Saturday, July 7, 2019, 7 p.m.

For their final exhibition, SAY Sí seniors have been given the freedom to form a final body of work as students. Using their creativity and talent to curate the show from inception to exhibition, student-artists work together to organize logistics, fundraising and promotion. In “Fruition”, SAY Sí seniors will present a variety of work, showcasing their skills as multidisciplinary artists and diverse storytellers, to freely express themselves and how they see the world around them.

Mediums chosen include: painting, photography, mixed-media, film, installation and other experimental processes. In addition, senior students in the ALAS Youth Theatre Company will present their original theatre performances, written, performed and directed by SAY Sí senior-artists.

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