Sep 06 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Free and open to the public

First Friday Opening Exhibition feat: Chulita Vinyl Club

Curated by Ethel Shipton, this exhibition of photographs submitted by the community and original art from some of San Antonio’s best known artists focuses on marches, literal ones, that move us forward as a nation.

Music provided by Chulita Vinyl Club!

Confirmed artists:
Nadia Botello
Jenelle Esparza
Anel I. Flores
Suzy González
Jennifer Khoshbin
Michael Martínez
Katie Pell
Jonathan Treviño
Jose Villalobos
Anne Wallace

About the Exhibition:
With another presidential election looming and the fight for basic human rights still at the forefront of our society, we are more determined than ever to remind our community of the importance of activism and what it can accomplish.

In addition to the physical exhibition in a gallery space, we’re creating a living digital archive to serve as an “online march” living beyond a single gallery exhibition. Consider posting your march photos to Instagram and tag @MarchesThatMoveUs and @PPSouthTexas. Share something about why the march moved you using the hashtag #MarchesThatMoveUs and #PPSouthTexas.

If you’d like to drop off a photo for us to make a digital copy, or maybe an actual sign, call 210-572-5279. A selection of the images we receive through the end of August will be featured in this exhibition.

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