Jan 01 2019


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In the digital age art and technology are merging together to produce new 21st century works of art. American artist Sergio Mata creates his first online digital art show: “DIGITAL DREAMS”. “Digital Dreams” is inspired by the thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in the mind during computer usage.

Inspired by Mexican Votive paintings, Digital Dreams uses this folk style to tell a visual and poetic story. The art show will include new digital paintings that are made on using the medium Microsoft Paint. Often in the art world exhibitions are limited to audiences based on physical distance, so online digital art shows are ideal for reaching a wider audience.

“My name is Sergio Mata and I am an artist. Born in San Antonio, TX, I started making fine art in 2015. My most successful masterpiece “Paint”, which is a painting based on the Microsoft Paint program, went viral gaining over 140k likes across reddit and instagram combined. My mission is to create art that explores the thoughts and feelings surround the time when the digital world meets the analog world. Digital Dreams opens to the public on on January 1st, 2019.”

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