Aug 01 - 31 2019


7:00 pm

Cotton Alley

Michael Says:

When I was a kid, I liked the bad guys. Growing up I realized it was the appearances and powers of bad guys in TV and videogames that made them so appealing to me, but still, ideas of world domination and evil schemes excited little me. These days, I wax on about innocence lost and atrocities committed in our backyards and how we can stop the rise of hate in our society; but I still feel the allure of the dark side. I think a lot about my childhood and I wonder how something so sinister was able to creep into a time in my life that I consider so innocent and carefree. This line of thinking led me down a path that questioned the intersection of innocence and evil. What actions that may have seemingly malicious intentions might only be motivated by ignorance or instinct? When animals tear each other to pieces, they only do so out of necessity, but when humans hunt for the head of some exotic beast, it’s out of ego and desire. Murder can be committed out of spite and malice, or out of self-preservation or to protect others. When are evil acts innocent? Were people born innocent, or with darkness already rooted in their hearts? Did Satan choose his path, or did God cruelly create Satan solely to be the incarnation of evil? The floops of Cotton Alley reflect these ideas. Each floop is a unique monstrosity, overwhelmingly kind and gentle, while also ready and willing to rip your arms off and devour your soul. Equal parts silly and murderous, they are the embodiment of violent and heinous acts in the name of love or fear or justice or nature or ignorance or science or necessity or chance or etc. Like sweet sweet puppers who have yet to learn the strength or consequences of their bite, these floops are truly dangerous babies.**


**Each floop is merely a representation of bad stuff and would never hurt a fly. Please don’t resent them the horns are just for show I swear.

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