Dec 11 2018


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Contemporary Whatever: Sandy Ewen

Contemporary Whatever is a monthly experimental performance series hosted each month at Flight Gallery in San Antonio, TX. Contemporary Whatever’s main focus is on curating events for performers belonging to various communities in and out of town.

Sandy Ewen: Sandy Ewen is a sound artist, visual artist and architect who has recently relocated to NYC from Houston, TX. Ewen’s audio practice focuses on extended guitar techniques, improvisation, graphic scores and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her unique approach to guitar incorporates a wide array of implements – railroad spikes, sidewalk chalk, threaded bolts, steel wool and other items become an arsenal of abstraction.

Rick Weaver: This writer can imagine aficionados of incredibly strange music somehow stumbling across Weaver’s catalog and being overwhelmed with his persistent, compelling and uniquely peculiar vision, starting subreddits to discuss these often scarce releases with bizarre theories about his themes and intentions. The thing is, Weaver seems to be comfortable in his discomfort, writhing in obscurity and happy to have his music deeply felt, and not necessarily deeply understood, with the notion that there doesn’t have to be something to “get.”

Complementary beverages provided by Freetail Brewing Co.