Jul 13 2019


8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Free and open to the public

A Powdered Wig Machine Decadent Double Feature

*drumming in the distance…*

The moon landing. Janet Jackson’s infamous nip-slip. We now know that these two events were staged.. However, we know for sure that everything that happens on Powdered Wig Machine, a surreal interview webseries set mostly in San Antonio, is real. At this wondrous event on Second Saturday; the two newest episodes of PWM will be projected, there will be two rounds of live interviews, and other buckets of madness are in store that you don’t want to miss!


What is a/the Powdered Wig Machine?? For those not in the know or for those who are simply killing time, PWM is a San Antonio/San Marcos webseries wherein people of the same occupation/hobby enter the subconscious of its host for an interview. What’s real and what’s not and what was always truly never real get thrown into a blender. Powdered Wig Machine is that cosmic purée. Watch and subscribe to us on youtube!

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