Jun 20 2019


9:30 am - 4:30 pm


$55 for two workshops | $40 for individual workshops

2019 Art Educator Summer Workshops

Middle and high school art educators are invited to participate in a two-day program created specifically for you. Recharge your creativity and come away with fresh ideas for your class while earning 12 CPE credits. In addition to allowing for hands-on experimentation, workshop leaders will provide practical lesson plans and resources for use in the classroom. Each workshop meets Thursday or Friday for 6 hours each day with a break for lunch. Registrants should select one workshop each day.

Tuition: $55 for 2 workshops (includes the cost of supplies and an SSA apron)
Individually workshops: $40

To register please call the office of the Registrar at 210.200.8217 or 210.200.8227.

*** Corporate room rates are available at a nearby hotel; please contact the office of the Registrar for details. ***


Thurs, Jun 20 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

Option 1: CPE1010 | Paper & Books in the Classroom | Léo Lee

Learn simple and basic methods of creating handmade paper and bookbinding structures that can be applied in any classroom. The first part of the workshop will focus on the fun, physical, and sensory process of papermaking—a method that can tie in to plant biology, chemistry and sustainability. The second part will focus on basic principles of bookmaking and binding methods that lend many options for cross-discipline lesson plans.

Option 2: CPE1011 | Metal “Selfies” | Sarah Roberts

Explore ways of transforming the ubiquitous “selfie” into a copper or brass sculpture. Demonstrations will include using a smart phone app to simply and quickly abstract a self-portrait and how to translate the image to metal using etching and sawing. Simple forming and cold-connections will also be covered.


Fri, Jun 21 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

Option 1: CPE1012 | Panoramic Drawing | Katie Pell

Utilizing techniques employed in photography as well as our natural observation, work collaboratively to create two panoramic (extended point of view) drawings. In the first, emphasis will be on hand-eye coordination to create a freehand representational still life. In the second drawing, two-point perspective will be utilized to create an imaginary cityscape. Both of these projects open up the classroom to the possibilities of working large in a small space as well as working collaboratively in the classroom.

Option 2: CPE1013 | Color Theory with Fiber Reactive Dyes | Casey Galloway

Learn the full spectrum of color theory utilizing the safe and easy to use fiber reactive dyes. Experience working with a variety of natural fibers along with several different dyeing techniques including immersion dyeing, thickening dye for painting, shibori, and ice dyeing. Dyeing tools, safety and mixing basics will also be covered.

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