Feb 01 2021


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​Art & the Brain: A Wellness Series

Creating space for stress reduction, self-care, art engagement, and overall brain health, a four-part video series offers meditative practices for everyday life. In partnership with the McNay Art Museum and Mind Science, Gaby Gámez, art therapist, shares a new wellness practice each week inviting participants to exercise creativity and mindfulness. Each segment includes a relaxation or centering exercise and list of suggested materials. Appropriate for all ages; no prior art experience necessary.

Monday, February 1

Move It

Create art outside with materials provided by nature.

Materials: branches, leaves, rocks, sticks—items sourced by walking outdoors and a bag for collecting.

Video will be released HERE on February 1.

Monday, February 8

Draw It

Allow the unintentional lines and shapes of Mandalas and Zentangles to create stress reduction and focused mind.

Materials: 2 sheets of paper, 1 pencil, 1 black pen.

Video will be released HERE on February 8.

Monday, February 15

Write It

Deconstruct phrases from an old or unused book, newspaper, or magazine to reveal subconscious thoughts or found poetry.

Materials: magazine/newspaper article or pages of an old book, black marker, 1 sheet of paper.

Video will be released HERE on February 15.

Monday, February 22

Play It

Respond to sound or music releasing stress with mark making.

Materials: selection of music or sounds, paper, thin markers or colored pens.

Video will be released HERE on February 22.

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