Who the hell are we? Two twenty-something, art-loving, women of color trying to do the damn thing. We’re passionate about making the San Antonio art scene more accessible. We’re committed to providing a platform for emerging, censored and underrepresented voices to share their story — authentically and unfiltered.

We aim to bridge the gap between artists, art professionals, and art spaces through the collection, conservation, exploration, interpretation of material and visual culture of San Antonio’s contemporary art scene. We invite the community to redefine accessibility to the visual arts and engage local talent.

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We are committed to working with hands-on writers that have a thorough understanding of what it’s like to be a part of the San Antonio art community. Our team is determined to provide an authentic platform that strives to break barriers, challenge homogeneous contemporary art practices and provide a true visual archive of San Antonio art. We encourage you to learn more about our team of contributors, many of which are artists, curators and arts administrators!

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Mark Anthony Martínez is a Contributor to Unfiltered San Antonio. With an MFA in contemporary art practices, Martinez is a conceptual artist who investigates the socio-political realities of racialized identity in the United States. Website | Instagram
Isabel Servatez is a contributor to Unfiltered San Antonio. He is currently completing a MA in modern and contemporary art history. He is focused on Chicana/o/x art, Latina/o/x art, institutional critique, and curation. Instagram